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Wednesday, 31 May 2017 00:00


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Sound performance on the topic: My life only in notes of mine ...
Wednesday, 30 September 2015 00:00


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for the 3rd time in Verdins / Schenna
the Klotznerhof (Verdins / Schenna) shows under the giornata del contemporaneo AMACI
its philosophy of hospitality and art
Gerhard Martini is known mr.coon perform his music on Saturday to 10:10 from 14.00 clock for us and on 09/10 there at 20.30 a preview with Thomas Havlik

Wednesday, 01 July 2015 00:00

AterTeater: The inverted mountain

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Mountain reverse


sculpture audiovisual


Al Plan 

installation: Katharina Volgger, Gordon Jäntsch, Lukas Kaser 

Music: mr. coon – Trombone Quartet: Resonn 

The mountain peaks at the top, on the border with the horizon. A mountain reverse instead form a space below, a place to discover. The sculpture audiovisual "Mountain inverted" invites us to stand in this space that exudes a feeling of warmth and security. Electronic sounds and a quartet of trombones in interaction with light transformed the space into a tool audiovisual. The mountain inverse becomes a cave, a meeting place where you can spend a few hours in the company.


For the Autumn Issue edition launched this year by LABottega, on Sunday, September 14th at 5.30 PM, photographer Costanza Mansueti will introduce her personal show entitled “Stand Still”. Stand Still is an excerpt of a project that Ms. Mansueti accrued and matured over her travels to the U.S. and Canada in the past few years.

The event brings together two rising stars of electronic music from two different cultures but with a common denominator: music in contemporary evolution.

Following a short tour in Germany, Haioka comes to Italy just for a single concert before going back to Japan.

Mr. Coon is about to release his album in Germany, participates to this event in order to have the chance to appreciate the differences and similarities of this type of music which is making inroads with a grand amount of followers among young people.

ARTSNET.EU produces this event in collaboration with Heyart and will be waiting for you on:

June 25th at 20:30 at Giardino dell'ArteCultura in Florence.